Friday, February 22, 2008

I shot this photo as part of a session for Mopar Muscle magazine. It’s of my friend Joe McCaron’s ’66 Plymouth Belvedere I powered by a 526 cubic inch Hemi engine. At the end of the photo session, Joe asked me if I’d like him to do a burnout. Magazines love burnout shots so I didn’t hesitate in saying, “Yes!” I selected my 100-400 image stabilize zoom lens for my Canon 5D. It set the camera on “servo” mode so it would maintain focus with the movement of the car and I set the camera to shoot at three frames per second. I positioned the camera and lens on a tripod about 200 feet away from the front of the car and slightly off to the right. This distance allowed for full framing of the car at 400 mm. My instructions to Joe were to let the tires start churning before easing off the brake. Once I was ready, I gave Joe the signal to start and he executed a textbook burnout. The rear of the car swung a bit to the left, which produced a more dramatic image. I also love the way the smoke is rolling off of the front of the tires. Good job Joe!!

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